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Create simple programs with commands to control the Turtle and draw amazing images!! Use for STEM, Coderdojo or similar coding events.

INSTANT ON / OFF = Turns on / off immediate execution of commands

FD x = Forward x pixels

BK x = Backward x pixels

RT x = Right by x degrees

LT x = Left by x degrees

PU = Pen Up (Do not draw)

PD = Pen Down (Draw as normal)

REPEAT x = Creates a loop to run x times which runs any commands within the loop. Place END when closing loop.

END = Closes a REPEAT loop. (Loops can be nested)

PEN x = Color of pen (0 - 7)

RUN = Runs the current list of commands shown on screen

CLEAR / CL = Clears the command list

RESET = Clears commands and resets your Turtle

SAVE filename = Saves a png of the working graphic to your documents folder

QUIT = Exits the program


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A pretty interesting take on the ancient LOGO, well done!

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It doesn't look like a turtle, even the head is like a slime of Andrux Adventure:https://ofihombre.itch.io/andrux-adventure