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Viking Invaders is a 30th Anniversary remake of Viking Raiders (ZX Spectrum).

1 - 4 Player Turn-Based Strategic Fun!

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Viking Invaders is a war game for 1, 2, 3 or 4 (any combination of human and/or computer) players. You can watch your Vikings move from their castles, fight with swords, board boats and sail down the Fjord, attack castles, seize gold from treasure chests and fire catapults.

Choose from Wotan, Brunhilda, Egbert or Odin and fight against your opponents.

Play  against one another or team up as 2 vs 2 -  hotseat game.

A   FUN game that can start arguments :)

Boats can be used to transport armies across the Fjord, or to ram an opponent.

Catapults may be fired once only each turn, after selecting the direction and distance.

Beware the evils of drink! If a Viking walks into (and empties) a drinking horn they will become uncontrollable!

Each HUMAN player starts the game with a Gold hoard of 50 coins. Depending on your financial situation at the time, you can buy one boat and one catapult each turn, and as many armies as will fit in the space around your castle. You can increase your spending power by carrying treasure from a treasure chest to your castle.

The following are some tactics that can be tried, and the names of the people who use them:

  • The Admiral Buys lots of boats
  • Captain Birdbrain Gets them stuck in the ice!
  • The Alcoholic Seems to encounter a lot of drinking horns and has more drunken army than sober
  • Temperance Uses the catapults to destroy the drinking horns
  • Whizz-Kid Buys lots of catapults
  • The Traditionalist Never buys a catapult (too new-fangled!)
  • The Peace Lover Keeps out of fights, builds up an enormous army and waits until the other players have virtually eliminated each other
  • The Miser Keeps on bringing back treasure to build up the Gold hoard
  • The Spoiler Stops the Miser by catapulting at the treasure box
  • The Bridge Builder Places boats to make a static bridge, to move armies across the Fjord
  • The Hero A drunken Viking who attacks and destroys an enemy castle
  • The Thinker A drunken Viking who gets sobered-up by the enemy, and joins them
  • The Optimist Attacks ALL the other players in the same turn
  • Three Blind Mice Three HUMAN players who fight and destroy each other so that the final winner is the COMPUTER


Fully Mouse Driven - Point and click

'M' Toggles Music On / Off


Buy Mode
- Buy plenty of units.

Move Turn
- Position units to defend your castle.
- Attack other enemy units
- Storm defenses with longboats
- Take over the castle and remaining enemy units will join forces with you


To defeat an opponent you must attack their castle. Like real battles, this may take several attempts before you achieve success. All defeated armies, boats and catapults belong to the Victor. The WINNER is the player with the last castle and all the pieces.

Developed by Gary Plowman .... Based on 1984 version by Mark Lucas

** Also Available of Android here **




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